Is A Commercial Cleaning Service Worth It?

commercial janitorial services whitewater, commercial cleaning services whitewater, professional janitorial services whitewaterWhen walking into a business that has stained carpet, dusty desks, and trash overflowing with crumpled paper and takeout cartons, it is easy to discount the value of the services offered. But when you walk into a business that looks pristine, smells fresh, and is obviously clean, a client knows that this company is serious about its craft. No matter what industry you are in, the image you project to customers is an important factor in the success of your operation. 

Good business “housekeeping” has always included critical steps: reducing clutter in stairways, taking out trash, keeping floors clean. The kitchen, coffee area, or any space where food is consumed must be sanitized daily. The refrigerator should be cleaned and sanitized weekly. An office microwave should be cleaned daily. 

But in 2021, facility managers and business owners now have an increased responsibility to keep surfaces clean and air quality safe. As a business owner, you need to allocate resources in the most efficient way. Hiring a commercial janitorial service is a great way to maximize your staff, improve efficiency and make the best impression for the customers. Cloute clients have seen many benefits:

Healthier Workspace

Without professional cleaning, dirt and bacteria build up. Foyers, reception areas and entrances allow dirt, grime, and mud into the facility. Germs can spread with the staff cooking and eating at their desk. A study by office resource provider Hloom discovered that many common office items contain a worrying number of germs.

Did you know that the handle of a coffee pot can carry up to 34 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Or that that start button on a copy machine carries 4 times more bacteria than your pet’s food bowl? The amount of bacteria and germs in an unsanitized office environment can result in increased sick days taken by the team.

Higher Quality Cleaning

Hiring a reputable professional office cleaning services means you can expect the highest standards of cleaning every time. Cloute, Inc, can perform added services such as deep rug and upholstery cleaning for improved maintenance, cleaner air, and a fresher, spotless look. Windows should not only be smug free, but the drapery and blinds should be spotless. Other special services include:

  • Tile and grout cleaning and restoration
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Concrete floor care, repair, and restoration
  • Wall cleaning

Better Equipment, No Storage Space From You

Professional cleaners are armed with the proper tools and equipment necessary to carry out office cleaning to the highest standard. We offer a strategic approach to commercial cleaning by combining regular maintenance with restorative maintenance. By concentrating on high-traffic zones, we help to reduce the quantity of dirt, dust, oils, and allergens tracked into the other lower traffic zones. This approach can be effective in reducing the cost of overall maintenance significantly.

At Cloute, Inc, we own and use our own high-grade machinery not available to regular cleaners or tool renters. At the end of the service, our team will remove all the tools and cleaning products, leaving you with more space in your storeroom. 

Morale Booster

A harder benefit to quantify is the benefit for your staff. Showing your employees that you are willing to invest time and resources into hiring a professional office cleaning service demonstrates a commitment to providing them with the best possible working environment.

Employees who feel well cared for are more positive about coming to the office, and are more likely to work harder and feel a greater commitment and loyalty to their job and the brand. They post their thoughts about work on social media platforms, and these posts have a big impact on whether you can attract the talent you need to grow your business. 

Office cleaning by your employees can take up to many hours that  could have been used more productively enhancing the business. Contracting out cleaning work gives your team more focus. It also reduces tension between employees who may deem others as not ‘pulling their weight’.  

For Commercial Janitorial Services In Whitewater

For three generations, family owned and operated Cloute, Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin has provided exceptional cleaning and painting services to homeowners and commercial customers in southeast Wisconsin. The Cloute Guarantee is:

  1. Customized Services: We consider the layout and unique features of your building when creating your janitorial plan.
  2. Specialized Cleaning Products: Besides our advanced cleaning equipment, we use hospital-grade disinfectants that are safe and effective.
  3. Trained Specialists: Our team specializes in proper cleaning methods to deliver you the best results.