Interior & Exterior Painting

When you discover peeling paint and faded finishes on your property, repainting can seem like a hassle. But what if we told you that you don’t have to worry about it? Cloute, Inc. is here to help you achieve your painting goals.

Quality, Dependable Painting Services

If you’re a home or business owner, it’s a common goal to achieve a clean, finished look for your property. A good paint job can boost your property appeal dramatically, especially if your paint is faded, peeling, or dated. But painting is a big task, and doing it right requires special equipment and a lot of work. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick touch up or whole-house update, let Cloute, Inc. be your trusted source for painting services. We offer professional interior and exterior painting services to both residential and commercial customers. 

We perform interior and exterior painting & staining including spray and brush applications on:

We prefinish doors, windows, trim, and cabinets in our shop.

Trust Us To Do The Work

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

We use the highest quality Sherwin Williams and Diamond Vogel paints and stains.

High Quality Paints & Stains

All of our painters are professional, year-round painters with years of experience. 

Your Painting Pros

We specialize in new construction/remodel painting projects of all sizes.

Your Job Is Easy

Call Now

We’ll schedule a time and create a customized plan that aligns with your vision.

We Do The Work

We do everything from the prep work, painting, to cleanup.


Your newly painted property is ready to be admired and appreciated.

Deck Restoration

Decks are generally exposed to outdoor elements like rain, snow, wind, and heat – meaning they’re prone to fading and damage. Taking the right measures to protect your decks can add to the value of your entire property. 

We’ll help you care for your decks. At Cloute, Inc. our team has the expertise to properly clean, revive, sand, and apply penetrating sealer and stains to extend the life and appeal of your decks.