Snow Removal

Removing snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways is not only a sacrifice of time – it’s also a pain. But snow covered surfaces are a safety risk, so let Cloute, Inc. take care of all your snow removal needs.

snow removal

Snow Removal Services You Can Rely On

Let’s be honest: no on enjoys shoveling snow. It’s a huge hassle that takes a lot of time and energy. And why should you do it yourself when you can hire someone to take care of it for you, and in less time? 

At Cloute, Inc. our snow removal specialists are equipped and ready to perform quality services to clear out the snow from your property and make your life easier. So put away your snow shovel and call us now to arrange snow removal services for the entire season!

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Call us to arrange snow removal services throughout the duration of the season.

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When it snows, our dedicated team will respond to your property and clear walkways, parking lots, and driveways.


Sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing the chore is done and all you had to do was call Cloute!

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For three generations, family owned and operated Cloute, Inc. of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin has provided exceptional services to homeowners and commercial customers in southeast Wisconsin. Our dedication, commitment, and end results with our customers have earned us a reputation as the most reliable building service contractors in the area since 1953.