Places Your Whitewater Commercial Janitorial Team Can Clean

commercial janitorial whitewaterTrying to keep up on cleaning your commercial business space on your own That is a lot to try to tackle. A clean work environment is crucial for employee productivity and happiness, not to mention for customer comfort and satisfaction. That being said, there are a number of spaces in your commercial building that are often overlooked, unless you hire a commercial janitorial cleaning service. Here are just a few of the places in your commercial space that may be overlooked, leaving your space feeling dirty and dingy.

Commercial Janitorial In Whitewater

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are major dust collectors and spreaders. Since they are overhead, they are often overlooked. The blades in ceiling fans should be dusted at least once a month to prevent buildup of dust particles that can then be spread throughout the air when the fan is turned on. 

Air Vents

Like ceiling fans, air vents can spread dust, dirt, and debris throughout the entire office space when not cleaned regularly. Heating and air conditioning vents are often overlooked and forgotten. They also accumulate a lot of dust and can spread illness and worsen allergy symptoms. Vents need to be wiped down at least monthly, if not weekly, to prevent build up from occurring. 

Light Fixtures

The tops of lights are also commonly missed because they are not at eye level or easily seen. Dust builds up on top of light fixtures and should be wiped down regularly. 

Door Frames

The tops of door frames are perfect little ledges for dust and dirt to accumulate. While door knobs and the fronts of doors are seen and touched daily, we often do not even think about wiping down the tops of door frames. Dusting and wiping down these surfaces should be done monthly to prevent excess buildup.

Under Chairs and Desks

The tops of desks are, or should be, wiped down daily, but how often does the underside get cleaned? Cobwebs and dust  can build up and go unnoticed under desks and tables, and are often overlooked. These areas need to be wiped down monthly. The area under chairs gets overlooked frequently as well. The base of chairs need to be wiped down weekly, as dust, dirt, and crumbs can and do accumulate there. 

Backsides of Computers and Printers

Computers, printers, and other office equipment are magnets for dust accumulation, especially on the back sides where people do not look or have easy access to. Computers utilize fans and vents to prevent overheating, and excess dust build up can cause damage to these devices. It is important to wipe down all surfaces of your office equipment to keep dirt and dust at bay and to keep them functioning optimally. 

When you add these often overlooked spaces to the regular cleaning schedule, it can seem even more overwhelming to keep up on it all. We cannot emphasize enough how important a clean commercial space is for your business, and that is why we are here to help. Cloute Inc offers commercial janitorial cleaning services designed to meet your specific needs. We will make sure no area is overlooked, and keep your commercial space clean and inviting.