What You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning

roof cleaning janesvilleAlthough roof cleaning should be done regularly, many individuals fail to remember to put ‘clean the roof’ on their to-do-list. We know it is not convenient, and, for some, not even logistically possible, but implementing roof cleaning each year can help you avoid significant damage from occurring. 

Roof Cleaning Janesville

Here is a brief rundown on what roof cleaning should entail, when it should be done, and how to go about doing it so you can keep your roof functioning properly and extend its life as long as possible.

  • Roof cleaning should involve removing loose debris first. Loose debris needs to be removed from your roof before it can build up and cause major problems. When debris is left on the roof, it can find its way into the gutters – causing blockages and backing up water. The key to avoiding damage to the roof and leaks inside your home is to make sure large debris is removed from areas you can access as soon as it is spotted so it does not have the opportunity to build up anymore or clog your gutters. Once the loose debris has been removed, washing or rinsing can be done. 
  • Washing your roof will help control mold growth and decrease the risk of it spreading underneath the shingles where it can enter your home. You need to keep in mind though that the shingles on your roof might be harmed by power washing, which is typically what most people use to get their roof cleaned. Just make sure that the sprayer is set at the lowest pressure feasible when washing your roof so as not to lift or harm the shingles. Also, be sure to use a cleaning agent that will not damage your roofing material or cause fading or staining. If you are unsure what to use on your roof or want to ensure that no damage is done during cleaning, we suggest you reach out to a professional roof cleaning company like Cloute Inc.
  • Keep in mind that winter months are harder on your roof because of the extra weight of snow, the risk of ice dams forming, and the excess water that is falling on, building up, and then dripping off of your roof. This makes it a poor time of year to choose to perform roof cleaning. These risks are also increased if your roof has not been cleaned off before snow and freezing temperatures come. For these reasons, experts recommend having your roof cleaned during the summer months. It is also much safer for roof cleaners to be on your roof during the summer, so be sure to add roof cleaning to your summer to-do list. 
  • The state of your roof, along with other criteria, will determine how frequently you should clean your roof. Typically, you need to clean your roof once every year. A freshly installed roof, however, may only require cleaning every two years. To help you determine whether you need roof cleaning more or less frequently, you should visually inspect your roof. If you see the growth of moss or algae, excess leaves, branches, or other debris, you should call for roof cleaning services.

For more information, or to schedule your roof cleaning for the coming spring and summer in Janesville, give Cloute Inc a call today.