Why Are Gutters So Important?

roof and gutter cleaning janesvilleGutters are often the most ignored part of any homeowner’s maintenance list. They are usually out of sight and out of mind. Moreover, they may be thought of as mere decorations for your home. However, the simple task they perform, carrying water from the roof to the ground, will protect your home from severe water damage. 

Roof And Gutter Cleaning – Janesville

Even if you are experiencing only light rain showers, the rain that falls from your roof can still have a build-up and create a powerful surge. If gutters are not properly diverting that water, they can hammer the ground next to your foundation, damaging it. Pounding water along the foundation line erodes the soil and can seep down along the foundation, increasing the risk of basement leaks and structural instability.

How Gutters Work

On a basic level, gutters collect rainwater from the roof and channel it to the ground through the use of a downspout. During rain, water rolls down from the slope of the roof to the gutters. As that water pools, it will travel through the gutter system to the downspouts. These downspouts will then gently place this water at the base of the house. All of this is done to protect the basement and foundation from flooding and further water damage. There is a splash block at the base of the downspout to further divert the rainwater from the house.

How Gutters Protect Your Home

Gutters are there to protect your home from water and roof damage. Without a gutter system, water will collect on the roof, causing rot, mold, and deterioration. Overall deterioration will weaken the shingles, soffit, and fascia. Additionally, if gutters do not steer the water into the downspouts, that water will be pulled straight down into windows, siding, and the foundation. Pooling in windows will lead to mold, damaging the sill and interior of your home. Water in the foundation will lead to erosion, which in turn will cause structural problems in your entire home over time. Gutters are attached to your home to prevent all of these from happening. 

Gutter Care

Gutters will weaken over time if they are not cared for properly. Clogged gutters can be just as bad as having no gutters at all. With traditional gutters, they will need to be cleaned at least twice a year. The best time to do so is once in the spring and in the fall right before winter hits. These are the times when gutters get the most clogged. It is especially important to do so before winter hits to prevent ice dams, which can tear gutters completely from a roof. 

To clean your gutters, you have two options: use a ladder to climb up and clean them on your own, or hire professional roof and gutter cleaning. The first choice can be dangerous, especially if it is cold and slick outside, but it can save money. 

Hiring professionals can eliminate risk, as well as save you time and effort. While you are spending your time doing something more valuable to you, Cloute, Inc. is a choice company that will be hard at work cleaning both your gutters and roof to ensure no damage will come to your home.